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Shooting stories: the F1 gearbox re-engineered as a Hackett cufflink

Shooting stories: the F1 gearbox re-engineered as a Hackett cufflink

July 20 2015

Many of us have dreamed of driving a Formula 1 car, but what about wearing a bit of a F1 racing car? Yup, I confess I’ve never dreamed of that either. But, not because I’d never want to, I just would never have thought it possible. That’s until I was asked to shoot a short film for Hackett and Williams Racing to promote the re-engineering of a Formula 1 aluminium gearbox into fifty pairs of limited edition branded cufflinks, designed by none other than Jeremy Hackett himself.

I was hooked right away.

This was an exciting project to work on for a whole host of reasons, the top four for me being:

1. It was a unique project about an innovative product conceived between two leading brands from the worlds of fashion and sport

2. Call it re-engineering, upcycling or just plain recycling, this was a great, contemporary story that spoke of more than just creating a luxury product, but essentially about how one high value product that has reached the end of its life was being turned into another beautiful, luxury product

3. We got to visit the top security factory in Oxfordshire where the gearboxes are made for the Williams Formula 1race cars (sadly, I didn’t get to drive one)

4. We got to meet the main man himself, Jeremy Hackett, and F1 driver - the well turned out Valtteri Bottas.

The production

First, we had to create a mood board to capture the feel and narrative of the two-minute film. We had just two weeks to conceive, plan, film, edit and deliver for the launch event at Hackett’s Regent Street flagship store, where the film was to be screened.

Not surprisingly, our client was looking for a high quality film to reflect the successful partnership of two high-end brands.

Anyone who knows anything about F1 knows how competitive the sport is and how that translates into the veil of secrecy that surrounds the technical innovation and design behind each team; we were told ‘no photos’ on the recce (a first for me) and we were required to provide an accurate shooting script for approval prior to the shoot. Having said that, everyone at Williams factory couldn’t have been more helpful and took the time to help us achieve what we were aiming for, even offering to slide the back end of an F1 car chassis to our shooting bay and attaching a couple of wheels at our request.

All in all this was a fantastic project to work on. As Mr Hackett himself says in the video, it was “awesome” to learn the story of the life of an Williams aluminium alloy gearbox – and, of course, to be involved in telling the story of how that life is being extended in the most unexpected way.

The only downside for me was that, as I left the Williams factory after the recce in my trusty old Saab 95 and hit the slip to the A34, the gearbox failed! Although tempted to limp back to Williams to see if they had a spare, sadly the news from the garage was terminal.

You can watch the video here.

Two Foot Four pushes the tempo in music video production

Two Foot Four pushes the tempo in music video production

March 09 2015

Two Foot Four has launched a new service that combines high-end video production with rapid, secure delivery of content – to anywhere in the world.

The new offering combines Two Foot Four’s creativity, skills and expertise in the filming of high quality music video content for artists, labels and management, with fast and secure delivery of edited and approved footage and content to distribution partners across the globe.

Two Foot Four specialises in servicing front line artists and labels that require broadcast quality video content including TV events, promos, live acoustic performances and EPKs. It has now added super fast workflow and delivery from both London and LA.

“Most projects bring with them a unique set of requirements, especially when it comes to delivery of the final content,” Two Foot Four founder Mark Fewell, says. “While it’s important to use experienced creative and crew in order to produce stunning content, it’s also essential to make sure that the right post production and technical facilities partners are in place to ensure accurate workflow and delivery of materials.”

Two Foot Four recently completed its two biggest productions to date:

• U2 performing it first ever live acoustic performance for international TV broadcast of its song ‘Every Breaking Wave’ in London. The event also required three multi-camera TV interviews and a dozen two-camera interviews for international media. The approved edit of the single was available for high-speed download within 24 hours of the shoot, with all interview footage (as required by each territory) made available within 24-48 hours.

• Complete video coverage of Five Seconds Of Summer’s recent DerpCon event in LA. The fan-based event took place over two days, incorporating a live performance at 17,500 sell out capacity LA Forum, and a day on the ‘New York’ set at Paramount Studios. 2ft4 delivered a sizzle reel and approved selection of footage to international media, including non broadcast (fans meet the band!) footage to fans.

Rob Fleming, international marketing director, Universal Music, said: “Two Foot Four has enabled us to reach our international markets with great, time-critical video content, fast, efficiently and securely.”

Whether you are looking to interview an artist using a simple two-camera setup, or are needing to shoot a major event for rapid delivery to media outlets around the world, 2ft4 has the solution that meets the exacting standards and requirements of artist management, labels and international broadcast media.

Two Foot Four offers:

Video production
• TV events
• Promos
• Live acoustic performances
• Interviews
• EPKs
• Sizzle reels
• Motion Graphics

Delivery and distribution
• High speed fibre network for quick, efficient workflow & delivery
• Live streaming
• Multi camera edit-live options
• Post-production in London and LA
• Data storage.

In the last two years, Two Foot Four has worked with numerous front line artists including: U2, 5SOS, Bastille, The 1975, Elton John, Florence & the Machine, Jake Bugg, Brian May, Cheryl, Jamie Woon, McFly, The Wanted, Rizzle Kicks, Thomas Dybdahl, Amy Macdonald, Pixie Lott, Jamie Cullum, Lou Reed, Duffy, Metallica, K’Naan, Stereophonics, Scissor Sisters, Noisettes, Leon Russell, Mona, Bob Geldof, ABBA, Hozier, Robbie Williams, Taio Cruz, Keane and Paul Weller.

For further information or if you would like to discuss an upcoming project, contact: Mark Fewell +44 (0)20 7729 7462 . 07703 190909 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

2ft4 steps onto the big stage with U2 acoustic and 5SOS multimedia extravaganza 2ft4 steps onto the big stage with U2 acoustic and 5SOS multimedia extravaganza

2ft4 steps onto the big stage with U2 acoustic and 5SOS multimedia extravaganza

December 18 2014

Music video specialist Two Foot Four has just completed its two biggest productions to date – U2’s first ever studio-based live acoustic performance of a track for international broadcast promotion, and Five Seconds of Summer’s (5SOS) biggest yet fan-based multimedia extravaganza, shot at Paramount Studios in LA.

Both projects were commissioned by Universal International for fast-turnaround broadcast to more than 30 territories, reaching tens of millions of TV and online viewers within hours of each event.

U2 gets intimate at Metropolis studios

U2 took over Metropolis Studios in London to conduct TV broadcast interviews and shoot a unique and intimate live acoustic performance of their track Every Breaking Wave from their new album, Songs of Innocence. Within 24 hours of filming, Two Foot Four had delivered ready to air footage for major TV shows in 10 territories, including Australia’s 60 Minutes – a show that goes out to 2.3 million viewers in Australia and New Zealand; Fantastico, the number one TV show on Globo TV and the number one TV network in Brazil and Latin America; and Mezamashi, the biggest show in Japan, which airs on Channel 8. 

Thom Wrafter, marketing manager, Universal International, said: “The two main objectives of the day were to facilitate a promotional day for the biggest international TV shows without U2 having to visit each territory separately, and secondly – and this was the biggest element of the day – to deliver a live performance of one of the band’s tracks from their new album.
“U2 have never done anything like this before so it was important we had the right production company on board.”

Mark Fewell, founder of Two Foot Four and award-winning producer/director, said: “It was an incredible day, U2 gave an exceptional performance and the crew put in huge shift to capture everything without a hitch.”

Studio A at Metropolis was transformed into a ‘cozy’ home studio environment with the addition of rugs and some subtle warm lighting. Mark described it as like “having Bono, Edge, Larry and Adam round for tea, and they insist on playing their latest song.

He said: “Despite having to accommodate the band, a piano, drums, a string quintet, four Arri Amira cameras and a jib arm, several crew plus assorted management, label and broadcast folk, we managed to achieve a relative calm for the shoot.”

DP Jeremy Mason added: “The Amiras were ideal for the job as they were small – given how small the space was we were shooting in – plus the fact that we could grade in camera – ideal when we were shooting on such a short turnaround.”

“The live performance looked amazing. Mark is very creative and extremely reliable and very fast at turning things around and at getting high-res materials delivered to journalists and TV shows,” said Thom.

A 5SOS blockbuster

Five Seconds of Summer’s first ever fan-based ‘convention’ was a two day event in Tinseltown in November, appropriately entitled ‘DerpCon’. It saw Universal International work with more than 50 media partners – including radio, press and TV – in over 30 countries reaching a combined audience of more than 100 million. 

For the blockbuster event, Two Foot Four had to organise a complex shoot that took in 5SOS’ 17,500 seater gig at The Forum on day one. This was followed by a full day on the ‘New York’ set at Paramount Studios, where 150 fans and friends got to meet and be entertained by their idols.

Within hours of the event, Two Foot Four was required to deliver both a three-minute TV broadcast-quality sizzle reel for general release plus a wide selection of clips for use by broadcasters. Media partners included music channel Vh1 in India, which has a 70 million audience reach, TV channel M6 in France, Mezamashi TV in Japan and MYX, the number one music channel in the Philippines. 
“This was a major undertaking both in terms of the complexity of the shoot across different locations in LA including on the Paramount lot, where crew needed to move fast to be in the right place at the right time, and delivery of footage which needed to be rapid and in high volume,” explained Mark. “Broadcasters and other media want fast turnaround, relevant, high quality footage, which was made easier thanks to working with post house The Farm in LA.” 

Five cities in five days

The global appeal of 5SOS, which last month were crowned New Artist of The Year at the American Music Awards, has been building all year and was first captured by Two Foot Four in May when the company was hired by Universal to film the band perform in front of fans in five European cities across five days. 

Before that, Two Foot Four filmed the ’40 Years of ABBA’ launch party at the Tate Modern in London.

Two Foot Four has produced and directed many music videos for major artists including Bastille, Jake Bugg and The 1975.

Mark produced and directed a short film starring Chuk Iwuji for the SONY Production Awards, which won Best Use of Digital at the Digital Impact Awards 2013. 

The Wanted

January 23 2014

The Wanted discuss their new album ‘Word of Mouth’ and the upcoming global tour.

Electrified Mona

Electrified Mona

May 18 2011

Mona kicked off their UK tour with a high energy performance at London’s Electric Ballroom.

High Riser

High Riser

May 17 2011

It’s a beautiful sunny May morning when the suggestion to do the shoot on the roof with a cityscape backdrop is met with general approval (why not?).
Three hours later we return to the studio, we have two interviews in the can but the rooftop has taken it’s toll.
The fluctuating drop of jet engines from those heading to Heathrow, Shoreditch’s homegrown nest of sirens bursting into life at the merest sign of a flashing record light, the ever-present sound of builders drills and implements being clattered against metal and what feels like a mild case of sunstroke.

Get me a dark room, a cold drink with a slice of fruit in it and leave me alone. I’ve got a horrible idea this was my idea in the first place!

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