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Leon Russell

The Union, a collaboration with Elton John. Multimedia Short No.3

Leon Russell describes one of many visitors to the album recording of The Union, he collaborated on with Elton John: “Grace Jones came by and lay on top of me for 30 minutes, that was an interesting experience. I’ve never met her before, she’s quite amazing.”

Leon Russell

The Union, a collaboration with Elton John. MultiMedia Short No.2

Leon Russell is a music legend. It’s surprising that, while his contemporaries from the 60’s went on to fulfill their musical ambitions, Leon’s career stalled and it seemed he had been forgotten about until he got a call from Elton John… In this short he quips: “I’m not really a music listener, my hobby is silence.”

Elton John

The Union

Leon Russell

The Union, a collaboration with Elton John. MultiMedia Short No.1

Hands of Angels was written by Leon Russell as a gift to Elton John: “Talking to my wife about it, I said what can you give a guy who has six houses that are fully staffed and more money than anybody. The only thing I could think of to give him was a song”.

Elton John

YouTube Tuesday

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Sometimes we get a job that literally lands on us the same day as production. We like to think we’re pretty light on our loafers, so on this occasion we jumped in a cab and arrived at Elton John’s management company 10 minutes before he did. Elton ran through a couple of numbers on the Grand Piano, then walked through to set and delivered a five minute piece to camera in one take. We’re aware he’s done this a few time before, but still…

The boys from Mona blew into town all the way from Nashville, to mark the occasion we flew in a 1959 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz all the way from, er… Essex! Everyone...

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