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Two Foot Four is a creative production company with bags of experience creating stand out content for major international artists, businesses and brands.

Thomas Dybdahl

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Thomas Dybdahl was in London for less than 48 hrs, so we had to crash Kevin Westenberg’s album cover shoot to grab an interview. Thomas joined us in the basement and found enough energy to perform three acoustic tracks right on cue.

Stag and Dagger

100 live bands, 15 venues, one night in Shoreditch

When we heard the Stag and Dagger was happening on our doorstep we couldn’t resist filming some of the live performances and interviewing some of the artists including Example and Pivot. 48 hours later and five of us are getting ritually abused in several mosh pits across Shoreditch, what a night!


Listen to Your Love

  • Mark Fewell Director
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There’s a thin line between rock’n’roll and religion, and nowhere thinner than in the intense, sharp, sweat-drenched, duelling-guitar euphoria of Mona. The four-piece Nashville-based band – or family, or gang, or band of brothers – are young, charismatic punk preachers.

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