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Jake Bugg

Gimme The Love (Live at Music bank)

  • Mark Fewell Director
  • Jason Olive DoP
  • Joe Finan Jib Cam
  • Billy Waters LD
  • Rob Green Sound Engineer
  • Rob Jarvis Cam Op
  • Jesus Rodriguez Cam Op
  • Chris Jelley DiT
  • Louise Bateman Production supervisor
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Premiered on Billboard and Vevo May 2016.
2ft4 caught up with Jake and his band as they rehearsed for his 2016 On My One tour.

5 Seconds of Summer

Derp Con Convention

Five Seconds of Summer’s first ever fan-based ‘convention’ was a two day event in Tinseltown in November, appropriately entitled ‘DerpCon’. It saw Universal International work with more than 50 media partners – including radio, press and TV – in over 30 countries reaching a combined audience of more than 100 million.

For the blockbuster event, Two Foot Four had to organise a complex shoot that took in 5SOS’ 17,500 seater gig at The Forum on day one. This was followed by a full day on the ‘New York’ set at Paramount Studios, where 150 fans and friends got to meet and be entertained by their idols.

Within hours of the event, Two Foot Four was required to deliver both a three-minute TV broadcast-quality sizzle reel for general release plus a wide selection of clips for use by broadcasters. Media partners included music channel Vh1 in India, which has a 70 million audience reach, TV channel M6 in France, Mezamashi TV in Japan and MYX, the number one music channel in the Philippines.

“This was a major undertaking both in terms of the complexity of the shoot across different locations in LA including on the Paramount lot, where crew needed to move fast to be in the right place at the right time, and delivery of footage which needed to be rapid and in high volume,” explained Mark. “Broadcasters and other media want fast turnaround, relevant, high quality footage, which was made easier thanks to working with post house The Farm in LA.”

Pixie Lott

US, Webisode

Pixie Lott

Young Foolish Happy, Launch Party - November 2011

Florence and the Machine

Ceremonials, EPK

  • Mark Fewell Producer/director
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Florence talks us through the development, writing and recording of her second album Ceremonials and a welcome return to Isa’s shed.


Lou Reed and Metallica teaser

Mark Fewell filmed Lou Reed and Metallica over two days in London prior to the release of their collaborative album Lulu. The first materials to seep out of Curtain Road, a 90 sec teaser, received 12,000 YouTube views before the end of the first morning.

Laura Jansen

Single Girls, Live Performance

Laura Jansen dropped into our huge house in Hammersmith during her brief visit from LA. The fog lay thick on the Thames outside the window but the hall lit up when Laura Jansen dropped a pitch perfect performance of Single Girls for us in one take, again! Even more impressive.

Leon Russell

The Union, a collaboration with Elton John. Multimedia Short No.3

Leon Russell describes one of many visitors to the album recording of The Union, he collaborated on with Elton John: “Grace Jones came by and lay on top of me for 30 minutes, that was an interesting experience. I’ve never met her before, she’s quite amazing.”

Bob Geldof

How to Compose Popular Songs that Will Sell (album)

  • Best tracks mf - Looking After Number One (Rats) cp - Blowfish
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Leaving Bob Geldof’s house with 20 tapes and a degree of expectation we knew we’d have a job to get Bob’s career into a 10 minute epk. Bob himself got involved and even showed up at our studio in Shoreditch for a brief piece to camera to summarise. Watch out for the ‘bloodfest’ video for the single Systematic 6 Pack, starring Rhys Ifans, Alan McGee and Bob.

Leon Russell

The Union, a collaboration with Elton John. MultiMedia Short No.2

Leon Russell is a music legend. It’s surprising that, while his contemporaries from the 60’s went on to fulfill their musical ambitions, Leon’s career stalled and it seemed he had been forgotten about until he got a call from Elton John… In this short he quips: “I’m not really a music listener, my hobby is silence.”

Gabriella Cilmi

Ten, Broadcast epk

  • Ryan Seville - Editor - Favourite track, Defender
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It’s not every day someone builds a space ship for you, thankfully. Gabriella seemed suitably impressed by her new tech surroundings. 3… 2… 1… Shot at Mum & Dad Studios, Shoreditch

Elton John

The Union


Wayne Rooney - MultiMedia Short

Taio Cruz

Acoustic Session - broadcast epk

  • Metropolis Studios, Chiswick, London
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Taio had just broken The States with Break Your Heart when we hooked up with him at London’s Metropolis Studios, soon after the interview the guitarist arrived and they swiftly slid through three great acoustic tracks, Break Your Heart, Dirty Picture and Come On Girl, without a hitch. Perfect.

Leon Russell

The Union, a collaboration with Elton John. MultiMedia Short No.1

Hands of Angels was written by Leon Russell as a gift to Elton John: “Talking to my wife about it, I said what can you give a guy who has six houses that are fully staffed and more money than anybody. The only thing I could think of to give him was a song”.


Troubadour - Broadcast epk

K’Naan is one of the most eloquent and charming artists we have had the pleasure to meet over the years. Upon discovering he was performing at the World Cup finals everyone in the room, to K’Naans great amusement, became his best friend in an (unsuccessful) attempt to get a ticket. In hindsight, it’s probably just as well.

Elton John

YouTube Tuesday

  • Chris Poole Director
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Sometimes we get a job that literally lands on us the same day as production. We like to think we’re pretty light on our loafers, so on this occasion we jumped in a cab and arrived at Elton John’s management company 10 minutes before he did. Elton ran through a couple of numbers on the Grand Piano, then walked through to set and delivered a five minute piece to camera in one take. We’re aware he’s done this a few time before, but still…

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Leaving Bob Geldof’s house with 20 tapes and a degree of expectation we knew we’d have a job to get Bob’s career into a 10 minute epk. Bob himself got involved and even...